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The Pink Pony Case Study and John St.

19 Jan

As a marketing post-grad student eager to get out in the world and start working at an innovative agency or company I cannot tell you how excited I was to learn about John St. This Toronto based agency is exactly what I have been day dreaming about while in class. John St. is the type of place where creativity is their main weapon- by excelling and relying on it to deliver well manicured marketing strategies and shape brands into unignorable signifiers.

Their business goal is clear and simple not a convoluted mess of self-centered ideals, they measure their success with that of their clients. With less than 10 years in the industry and with clients as big as AstraZeneca, The Bay and Holiday Inn in their portfolio, one can say they are reaching their goals and going an extra mile.

A showcase of their creative ability is the video they put together to portray their services in a brilliant manner. The Pink Pony Case Study displays all the elements of a successful marketing campaign, by exemplifying this in a human and accessible manner they not only demonstrate their abilities but introduce the viewer to the type of experience that their services provide.

Please enjoy the video here


Advertising Week

18 Jan

It starts next week and I am very excited with all the exciting events that are taking place! Unfortunately I am in class or working for most of them ( so mad I am missing Agency Wars II). I am at least going to go to one of the Speaker Series Event: Five for Five. In which five of MDC Partners Top Thought Leaders discuss the latest, greatest, game changing thing they are working on now and how they will affect the industry.

This is a great opportunity for your professionals in the industry as well as newbies like me to get their foot, learn something from these pros and perhaps make some valuable connections.

The events are taking place in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax and Edmonton. Here in Toronto they start in exactly a week- so log on to and check out ( and sign up) the events that fit your schedule.

Hope to see some of you there with your business cards ready!