The Year of Foursquare

27 Jan

Is 2011 the year of geo-location app devices? Well we know that as mobile technology literally takes over our lives we become more and more keen on using applications that move at the same speed that we do- and that’s exactly what Foursquare does it follows you and lets you share with everyone where exactly you are and what you are doing. I am not particularly thrilled with the idea of letting everyone know what I am up to but I cannot ignore that this is one if not the most interesting opportunities for marketing and advertising. The possibilities are endless for market researchers and for business to take advantage of this consumer self-tracking. Above is the infographic the company released representing its impressive growth in 2010 – which leads me to believe we are now in the year of Foursquare… start checking in!

As you can see there is no country in the world that hasn’t checked in! I am not sure if this is something frightening or impressive. Nevertheless North Korea checked in last.


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