The Pink Pony Case Study and John St.

19 Jan

As a marketing post-grad student eager to get out in the world and start working at an innovative agency or company I cannot tell you how excited I was to learn about John St. This Toronto based agency is exactly what I have been day dreaming about while in class. John St. is the type of place where creativity is their main weapon- by excelling and relying on it to deliver well manicured marketing strategies and shape brands into unignorable signifiers.

Their business goal is clear and simple not a convoluted mess of self-centered ideals, they measure their success with that of their clients. With less than 10 years in the industry and with clients as big as AstraZeneca, The Bay and Holiday Inn in their portfolio, one can say they are reaching their goals and going an extra mile.

A showcase of their creative ability is the video they put together to portray their services in a brilliant manner. The Pink Pony Case Study displays all the elements of a successful marketing campaign, by exemplifying this in a human and accessible manner they not only demonstrate their abilities but introduce the viewer to the type of experience that their services provide.

Please enjoy the video here


One Response to “The Pink Pony Case Study and John St.”

  1. Marc Fortin January 20, 2011 at 10:26 am #

    I retract my comment in class about this ad being ineffective. I think I’m just biased towards ads that don’t blatantly spell out their product. Although, I think that John St. might be an exception since its product is their service – they are the product. The video, at the very least, tickles my fancy enough to get me to their website. If it hadn’t been so entertaining, however, it probably wouldn’t have motivated me enough to go somewhere else to find out more about them. I’ll finish by saying that it’s probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, but its effectiveness is tied to a very thin thread – especially since its flavor is satire.

    That being said, I’m right there with you on being completely head over heels for this ad agency and I’d love to be a part of their team too. Just a little worried about my competitors 😉


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