The race for marketshare in the Smartphone world

16 Jan

The race of the smartphones

Seeing that mobile technology is the rising trend in marketing, let’s take a look into what smartphones are leading the race for marketshare.


One Response to “The race for marketshare in the Smartphone world”

  1. Marc Fortin January 17, 2011 at 12:09 am #

    I didn’t expect the iphone to overtake RIM. Apple has absolutely no involvement in the prepaid market. And prepaid is the biggest segment outside the US! And the fastest growing inside the US! Meanwhile Android is getting more than their feet wet in prepaid and maybe that’s why they are seeing such quick growth.

    I feel like Apple’s got skin in the game but their ambitions for exclusivity (in terms of iOS, iAds, and providers) is ultimately their biggest weakness. Maybe they know this and that’s why they picked up Verizon.

    There’s always going to be mac heads out there, but I think Google will eventually take over. Their OS runs on a whole bunch of different devices and Apple’s just got one — the i-whatever.

    I think Apple is going to get a wake-up call when a bunch of Google Android tablets start coming out in the spring and summer. Apple’s 95% tablet share will be short-lived. It’ll be interesting to see who wins in both markets by the summer actually.

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